MAGIX Movie Studio 2025 Platinum
Today, you can use any smartphone to edit videos. But if you want more options and a better overview, there's no beating a good editing solution on your desktop PC.
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MAGIX Movie Studio Overview

Today, you can use any smartphone to edit videos. But if you want more options and a better overview, there’s no beating a good editing solution on your desktop PC. With Movie Studio 2025’s tidy interface, you can arrange a wide variety of file types from all kinds of sources simply by using drag & drop. Turn footage from your phone, professional camera or any other device into movies in a flash, on any Windows PC!

Features of MAGIX Movie Studio

  • Relive your adventures in pictures
    Storytelling made easy – the Storyboard feature lets you arrange clips in no time at all. Pro tip: Use the 3 key-based shortcuts to get the editing results you want even faster. You can adjust the volume of individual clips with a single click.
  • Tons of content
    With a subscription to MAGIX Content, you get access to a limitless selection of royalty-free HD music, sound effects, stock footage and animations. You’ll find exactly what your project needs right here!
  • Just the right colors
    Enjoy footage that’s more lifelike than ever before. Use the versatile deep color correction to get the most out of your material, create a one-of-a-kind mood, and showcase each and every scene. Use Lookup Tables to give movie sequences from different sources the same look.
  • Creative effects, endless possibilities
    Presets provide the guidance you need right from the start, and all effects can be fully customized afterwards. For example, you can use keyframe animations to selectively shape the intensity and duration of your effects, as well as combine multiple effects within a clip.
  • Lightning fast playback and ultra slow-mo
    Tension, suspense, and drama – enjoy unimagined creative possibilities by changing the speed of video playback and using high-quality slow motion effects. With just a few clicks, you can turn your favorite footage into a stand-out moment in your movie.
  • Impressive titles and text
    Showcase your pictures exactly how you want, with professional titles and animations. With plenty of templates and easy-to-use tools, telling your story is a breeze. Pro tip: You can pin text to any object so that it moves with the object as you arrange your movie.
  • Create audio commentary at the touch of a button
    Want to make high-quality audio commentary without having to record your own voice? Subscribe now to get access to the Text-to-Speech Wizard. Transform text into realistic speech with the help of AI – a couple seconds is all it takes.
  • Tons of options, total focus
    Take your movies to the next level with multicam footage: In Movie Studio 2024, footage from multiple cameras is joined together fully automatically. All this is made possible by the powerful INFUSION Engine 3, which also enables fast rendering and smooth playback.
  • Video editing made for any PC
    From entry-level devices to high-end workstations, Movie Studio 2024 lets you get the most out of your hardware and work smoothly on any setup. There’s no need to make expensive new purchases, and you can get started right away!

System Requirements for MAGIX Movie Studio

RAM: 4 GB or higher

Processor: 2.4 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better)

Operating System: Windows 10 and 11

Space Required: 2 GB

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