Stardock Start11

Start11 - the industry's most advanced start menu. Start11 solves Windows 11's worst Start menu and taskbar sins.
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Stardock Start11 Overview

Start11 – the industry’s most advanced start menu. Start11 solves Windows 11’s worst Start menu and taskbar sins.

Features of Stardock Start11

  • Make your Start menu a personalized experience.
    Choose from several styles from Windows 7 to 11, or our modern adaptation of classic styles.
  • Personalized to your preferences
    Customize your Start menu by adding or removing sections, changing the icon, and moving it to the left or keep it centered.
  • Customizable from top to bottom
    Easily change the colors, transparency, spacing, alignment and more.
  • Enhance your productivity with unique features.
    Bring back features from previous versions of Windows and enable new functionality.
  • Restore classic functionality
    Ungroup your windows and restore the context menu to the taskbar in Windows 11.
  • Add new functionality
    Add links to local and network drives, individual folders, the recycle bin, and more.
  • Take complete control of your search experience.
    Improve your search experience with minimal distractions and better results.
  • Customize your search experience
    With a customized search experience, your most frequently used content appears higher in the results.
  • Advanced Index Functionality
    When paired with the Edge browser, open tabs will also appear in your search contents.

System Requirements for Stardock Start11


Operating System: Windows 10 and 11

Space Required: 150 MB

What's new

  • Support added for swiping up from the bottom of a tablet screen to open the start menu
  • Resolved open file location not working on Steam shortcuts
  • Make all programs list scroll to the top when using search on it to stop things being offscreen on occasion
  • Further autohide adjustments
  • Resolved issue with not being able to use Win11 style folders with the Win10 menu
  • Prevented refresh of recent docs whilst subfolders are open
  • Win11 style folder animations speeded up slightly
  • Resolved issue causing folder animations to run slower than they should on lower-end hardware
  • Resolved memory leak in Explorer on Windows 11
  • Added Pin to Start option for menu mode all programs with Win7/Modern style menus
  • Resolved issue with pinned items set to show on all monitors
  • Small tweaks to autohide mode to see if it helps with it not working right when no windows are open at all
  • Resolved notification center appearing in the wrong place on Win11 in certain circumstances
  • Resolved custom tile PNG loading corrupting the alpha channel
  • Made right-click open animations 20% quicker
  • Resolved autohide + center mode on Win11 having screen dirt sometimes


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